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I haven't updated the website for quite a while. Cindy's now been working for AmeriGas Propane for 3 years now. She's accomplished a lot in the short time she's been there. Toby's in fifth grade, Mia's in 3rd grade and Rosie's in kindergarten. The kids love their teachers and are doing great in school. We bought Toby a drone for Christmas and he's had it out a few times. Mia's teacher has her interested in knitting; she's excited to show me what her teacher's taught her that day. Rosie talks about her teacher all the time; she's a smart-as-a-whip. We're never sure what she'll tell us.  Please take the time to look at our Photo Gallery!

I have been trying to learn some programming languages. I reviewed HTML and CSS and am in the process of trying to learn some Javascript. Javascript is a really tough language for me. Later in the year, I am hoping to update the website and make it a little more interactive. jQuery, PHP, MySQL are all related and might be something else I'll look into. I wish that our local community college had some classes that I could take; unfortunately, they don't. I learn better when I'm able to sit in a classroom situation where I have someone that can answer my many questions.

My dog LillieMeet my companion, her name is Lillie and she's 13 years old.  Most days, we are together all of the Rosie and Lillie time.  She thinks, and she's right, she is one of the kids.  I'll look at her and say, "Grandma's home!" and she immediately goes running to the back door looking for Cindy.  She goes with me every afternoon to pick up the kids from school and Rosie has to fight her to sit in her seat.  All I hear is Rosie telling Lillie to, "MOVE OVER!"  Sometimes Rosie wins, but sometimes Lillie wins!

Look at What We've Done Lately . . .

Cindy and I spent February 23rd - 26th on 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  For Christmas, Sandra purchased us two tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) and a 2 night stay at Hotel Broad Ripple.  Thanks, Sweetpea.  We saw Fluffy on Thursday night and he was hysterical, if you get a chance to see one of his shows, you should.  The hotel only has 9 rooms, the owner and staff are great.  The facility was very clean and well maintained.  We will definitely go back for another visit.  It is located within walking distance of more than a dozen restaurants, a bakery, a coffee shop, comedy club, bars, paint-your-own pottery business, salons, a walking/running/bicycle trail, bike shop, athletic apparel, etc.  We walked the area mid-afternoon on Thursday and had a great time.  You could spend your vacation in the area and not be disappointed.

On Friday, Cindy had to get some computer work done in the morning.  We spent the afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  It is home to the museum as well as the Oldfields - Lilly house and gardens.  A National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is an elegant 26-acre estate on the grounds of the IMA.  While we were there, they had their annual orchid exhibit in the greenhouse, they were aromatic as well as beautiful.  We toured the Oldfields - Lilly house, all I can say is "Remarkable".  By the time we finished all of that, we only had about an hour and a half to tour the museum.  I don't believe we saw about a quarter of the museum before it was closing time.  If you love art, this is the place to visit.  Plan to spend the day there, that place is huge.  We came back to the hotel, changed clothes and walked to the Canal Bistro in Broad Ripple for a wonderful Mediterranean dinner.

Saturday, mid-morning, we left Hotel Broad Ripple and headed to a Fairfield Inn, it is in the Avon/Plainfield/Danville, Indiana area, to spend Saturday night.  We had lunch in downtown Danville at the Mayberry Cafe.  An "Andy Griffith Show" themed restaurant that Cindy has eaten at a few times; she wanted me to experience it as well.   Of course, the Andy Griffith show is always playing on the TV's in the restaurant.  After lunch, we drove around and did some shopping, something to walk off our lunch.  We met Cindy's boss and his wife at the Stone Creek Dining Company in Plainsfield.  Outstanding company and food, what more could you ask for.  They invited us to attend church with them on Sunday morning.

So we got up early and went to IHOP for breakfast and then came back to the hotel to get ready for church.  We met them at their church, the Plainsfield United Methodist Church, for their contemporary service.  What a blessing.  After church, we headed home, and of course we had to stop by the West Union Cafe for lunch.  Cindy had their chicken noodle soup and I had fried chicken with mashed potatoes and cole slaw; YUMMY.  I think we ate our way around Indiana last weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed our trip, but spending time with Cindy was the best part.

On Saturday, February 4, 2017, Cindy and I took a little adventure to a small town called West Union in Ilinois.  We heard of a little cafe that serves made-from-scratch dinners and homemade pies.  The name of the restaurant was called, can you guess, the West Union Cafe.  Cindy ordered a meatloaf sandwich with green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy; I ordered the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes with gravy and cole slaw.  We then ordered a piece of coconut pie and chocolate pie to go.  The meals were great and it was a pleasant ride.  We'll definitely make the trip again.

We always try to visit New Harmony, Indiana, the first Saturday in December, to see their Christmas Parade.  Pictures are available in our Photo Gallery.  It's a great little daytime parade that we have visited a half a dozen times. Over the past couple of years, we've gotten there early and eaten breakfast in their local cafe; great food at a very reasonable price.  There is also a local business called the New Harmony Soap Company that we've purchased a few items from.

In July of 2016, Cindy and I went to the Red Skelton Museum in Vincennes, Indiana for their Parade of Clowns.  I have always been a fan of Red Skelton, so I really enjoyed visiting the museum.  Pictures are available in our Photo Gallery.

We've had a great time with the Grandkids.  During the summer, they stay with me and we were at the Newton Aquatic Center (click on their name to go to their Facebook page) at least twice a week.  What a job trying to keep track of 3 kids at a pool; it was great fun.  Both Toby and Mia knew how to swim and by the end of summer, I had Rosie swimming on her own.  I taught her that if she gets tired to roll over and float on her back for a while; she took to it like a duck to water.

We went with Sandra and the kids to Lark Ranch in Loogootee, Indiana this fall and had a great time.  They have a you-pick-them pumpkin patch, corn maze, 2 zip lines (1 for the kids and 1 for adults), train ride, concessions, etc.  The kids always have a great time.  On our way back, we usually like to stop by Gasthof Amish Village for their buffet dinner and of course their homemade pies.

Quite often we take trips, with the Grandkids, to Evansville, Indiana.  Sometimes we end up at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, it's an indoor park with floor level trampolines.  They'll play for an hour and are completely exhausted.  Luckily, Cindy and I will sit and watch them play.

During the Labor Day weekend of 2015, Cindy and I decided to explore southern Illinois.  On our first day out, we decided to go to the Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest.  We walked the Observation Trail and saw some breathtaking views high above the forest.  Pictures are available in our Photo Gallery.  Also, while we were there we saw a couple get married on the trail.  They had a full wedding party and their dog there with them.

On Labor Day we headed to the City of Metropolis, Illinois; that's right, the home of Superman .  We were fortunate enough to arrive in time to see their Labor Day Parade.  Pictures are available in our Photo Gallery.  Cindy and I always have such a great time together driving around looking for interesting sites.

Up Coming Trips

Western Trip - It will probably be sometime in 2018 before we can make it out west. We are both looking forward to it. It will be a 2 week trip for us.

Sevierville, TN - We love staying at The Inn at Christmas Place while we're there (see our Favorite Sites link for their website). &bnspIt's a five star hotel in the middle of Pigeon Forge, TN.  Cindy and I have stayed their a few times and have never been disappointed in their rooms or their staff.  Dollywood and Dixie Stampede are just a few attractions that available in the area.

Grant's Farm - (this spring) - This will be a great place to take the grandkids (see our Favorite Sites link for their website).

Weekend Day Trips - Cindy and I haven't been able to take as many weekend day trips as we did for a while. Hopefully we'll be able begin again soon.

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